Introducing our Organic Line of Decos and Liners.

These living designs will change how you look at artistic glass tile forever. The following designs were created specifically for the exclusive color changing effects only Moving Color can achieve through their proprietary technology. Each piece is then hand painted using a unique reverse glass technique. Each distinctive design encompassed four different designs in itself. Caution, you must bring your imagination.


butterfly_deco1_web3aMetamorphosis Decos and Liners

These wonderful designs encompass the transformation of caterpillars turning into butterflies, as a rise or drop in temperature occurs; they will grow their wings in an array of stunning colors. Whether hot or cold, these amazing designs will continue to morph through effervescent colors, giving ever lasting life to these beautiful creatures.


flowers_deco1_web3aBloom Decos and Liners

These brilliant designs are all about flower power! These designs embrace the beauty of flowers as they appear in the real world, constantly shifting in color and appearance. Watch, as just the petals and bud move through amazing variations, providing a kaleidoscope of multi-colored fireworks.


grapes_deco1_web4aChateau Decos and Liners

Picture yourself inside an Italian Chateau gazing through a window at a beautiful vineyard. The leaves constantly shifting and changing color, the harvest ripe for the picking. These three dimensional designs are breathtaking, bringing warmth and excitement to any new project.

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